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Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting there

 Hey everyone, this is a view of one of two of the stack outs of boxes that we started with!  We had a pallet  arrive from Ranger with all sorts of Tim Holtz goodness!!!  Ack....can you hear me squealing?  Oh my.
 Here is partial picture of the Distress goodness!!!  Ah...I'm in heaven!
 Mario...hard at work!  He is so fun...love ya Mario!
 The classroom coming along.  We are almost set!  Yay!!!!
We will be open at 8:00 AM for our class attendees both Saturday and Sunday.  The store will be closed to the public until Monday.  We will be opening up today (Friday) from 5-7 for early bird shopping.  Tim will be hanging around for pictures and autographs.  Can't wait to get this party started!!! Till tomorrow!  

Journeys of the Past 9:00-12:30
Patchwork Pandemonium 2:30-7:30
Ideal-ology Intrigue 9:00-12:30
Configurations of your Imaginations 2:30-7:00

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