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About Us


About eleven years ago, I met this incredible lady that taught me how to capture memories of my family through this wonderful world that we know as SCRAPBOOKING! Yvonne is a talented scrapbooker/designer/friend and I can't imagine this adventure without her! Yvonne...thanks for helping make my dreams come true!
About me and my family...my husband, Russ and I have two sons, Wesley and Jacob and our daughter-in-law, Crystal. Wesley is in high school and thoroughly enjoys playing the saxophone. Jacob is in the Airforce and he and Crystal welcomed their first child, Peyton into our lives in 2010. And we share our home with a furry white wonder dog named Pickles!
I have spent the last 21 years engineering and planning for The Villages while Russ operates the water and wastewater systems that serve The Villages. Russ and I are couldn't be happier about opening our store in the heart of the community that we have worked so hard to build.
The vision for She Scrapbooks: 
She is the shop that you depend on to inspire you with ideas for your card making, for capturing the memories of your family and for those special home decor pieces that spot light those unforgettable moments.
Stop by and make memories with us....Steph


"She" is one of my favorite inspirational books published by Compendium. One of my favorite quotes from this book is
She...designed a life she loves.
I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing women through this wonderful world of scrapbooking. One of these women, Stephanie, has a dream and she wants me to share it with her. We have known each other for about Thirteen  years and I have grown to think of her as one of my very closest friends. Someone who inspires me to be a better person, someone who inspires me with how she lives her very busy life, someone who inspires me with her thoughtfulness, someone I am so excited to have this opportunity with. Thanks Steph!!!
Creating works of art out of the memories we live is a passion of mine. I believe we have a very important job as scrapbookers or life artists. We are the keepers of memories for generations to come, we are leaving behind our legacy. I cannot think of any place I would rather be then right now, right here, helping to open the very special "She Scrapbooks."
My goals...to live every day to the fullest, to hopefully inspire the creative side that every single one of us has. To enjoy this adventure called "She Scrapbooks"...because this is the time, this is the moment I have waited for for a really long time. Thank you Stephanie for bringing me along in fulfilling your dream, thank you to all those who have been there along the way, and thank you to all those that I will meet in the time ahead.

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